Pope Francis

Tune in to DStv Channels for the Pope's historic tour to Kenya, Uganda and the CAR.

In a continent of 54 states, His Holiness Pope Francis chose to visit Kenya before proceeding to Uganda and then the Central African Republic. As one of the chosen few, you have to feel special about that, right?

According to the Catholic Church and Kenyan officials, approximately 1.4 million Kenyans are expected to attend the Holy Mass officiated by the Pope. But even if we all want to be in the presence of the Holy Father, let’s say within a 50 mile radius, we can’t all go.

Moreover, in one way or another, we all want to receive blessings from him. However as is expected, having a man of such status and holiness lay his hands on you is a mission impossible.

Although it’s tempting, we also can’t all flood the streets to wave back at the Pope as his entourage passes by.

So how about witnessing the historic holy tour right at the comfort of your living room? There is no need to panic when DStv can still bring the Pope closer to you. Catch up with the Pope on the dedicated DStv Channel 199 from Wednesday 25 November at 11:00 CAT.

But since it's the Pope, one-time viewing is never enough. History is being made here. It's a moment anyone would want to watch over and over even after Pope Francis is back at the Vatican, maybe to draw inspiration from his address to the nation or just to listen to him pour words of wisdom to the masses.

Well, with the DStv Explora you can record the Pope's visit where it will be automatically stored in your playlist for viewing anytime you feel like it. The Explora has a recording space of up to 220 hours, enough to cover the Pope and so much more.