Jara's Uti with a guest in studio

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1. Find some love in the city

Take Sex and the City, add some real life and lots of drama to it and you’ve got Love in the City where four women try to juggle their big careers, friendships and love. When you live in New York City, you have to flow with its energy and channel a little bit of its wildness. These girls go hard on everything; it’s all or nothing.



2. Get Nollywood insider information

Are you a fan of Nollywood films and Naija music? Then catch up with Jara for a conclusive and fun round-up of the entertainment industry in Nigeria – from actors to musicians to new and upcoming films and projects. And that’s not all you’ll get. The genuine and quirky chemistry between co-hosts Uti and Helen will serve you loads of humour. Also, expect interviews from high profile personalities in the industry.



3. A wedding tip you could borrow

What if someone was to finance your wedding but on two conditions – plan your wedding in three days and don't tell the bride. Women are good at sniffing "high level" information even from a mute person. So how would you keep such colossal intel from your wife-to-be? Perhaps you can pick up some tips about covert wedding planning from the grooms by catching up with Don’t Tell the Bride.


4. Can you survive alone in the wild?

If you thought Survivor was rough, try watching Alone where 10 men are dropped in the world, far away from civilization and left to fend for themselves, separately of course. Each man for himself in a massive forest where you can come across any creature known to man. But when money is involved – in this case $500 000 – men will do anything, even dance with a pack of wolves.



5. Don't go to prison, period

Any die-hard fan of Orange Is the New Black still remembers that scene where Piper scared the daylights out of the juvenile delinquent Dina - a Beyond Scared Straight moment right there. The only difference is that in the latter, the scare is real. The prisoners and the officers are even allowed to rough up the teens, punish them just to teach them a lesson – you acting all tough and gangster but prison ain't a place you wanna end up in, son. Nothing is left to chance, they will be brutal if they have to. Like Piper said, "someone gots to learn."



6. Can your favourite celebrity cook?

If we were to pit two celebrities against each other for the MasterChef title, our  pick would be Jason Statham and Vin Diesel, two macho men just blowing off steam in the kitchen. That would be one fast and furious competition no one would want to miss. The more reason to catch up with Celebrity MasterChef as celebrities face off in a cooking competition under the watchful eyes of chefs John Torode and Gregg Wallace.


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