Hiccup and Toothless in Dragons: Defenders of Berk

Get the DStv Explora for your kids to Catch Up with loads of awesome entertainment this holiday.

Hoorah! Let’s do a little happy jig because the holidays are here once again. Less traffic on the roads, but more importantly, a time for kids to run around, break a few windows, stray into the neighbour’s flower garden and indulge in all those "delightful" things kids do.

At DStv we understand that kids need to play but still enjoy some TV time. This is why we offer you the best option for achieving both – DStv Catch Up.

DStv Catch Up, which is accessible on the DStv Explora to Premium subscribers, stores your favourite shows for later viewing in your own time and pace. Other than movies, series and sports, it comes loaded with fun-laden kids’ shows – the recipe for the perfect holiday.

Your kids can study and finish up their holiday assignments without any rush or panic of missing out on their favourite shows because they will be available on DStv Catch Up.

One more thing, remember those sticky situations where everyone wants to watch different channels at the same time? And then there’s that shouting match as the remote control exchanges hands? The more reason your kids need to Catch Up; you certainly don’t want to start "World War III".

Here’s how DStv Catch Up will keep your kids entertained and satisfied the whole holiday:

1. Rats can cook too

How about some Ratatouille inspiration for your kids? In the animal kingdom, dreams and ambitions are valid just like in the real world. A rat called Remy is the representation of this dream as he forges an unlikely relationship with a garbage boy in an attempt to become a master chef in a Paris restaurant. Like every great dream, there are obstacles that Remy faces. At one point, he is nearly killed but his defiance and determination lead him to greatness as “nothing less than the finest chef in France”. If you are looking for some inspiration for your kids, Ratatouille is the movie for them.


2. Be your kid’s superhero

You don’t have to have superpowers to be a superhero dad or mum because DStv Catch Up is your passage to the superhero universe. Remember the superhero ensemble of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Falcon, Hawkeye and Thor in the blockbuster Avengers? Well, your kids can join in on the craze too with the Avengers Assemble where this elite Marvel team fights to save the world from the evil that threatens it, using their cool abilities and gadgets while at it.



3. It’s dragon time!

What if you brought a dragon home for dinner? Someone has to keep that wild thing on its best behaviour so it doesn’t burn down the house! It is time for your kids to learn how to train a dragon by catching up with DreamworksDragons: Defenders of Berk. Berk faces new threats from enemies and a destructive dragon, and it is upon the riders to up their dragon training skills and protect their home.



4. The boy with the magic watch

Are your kids the creative and adventurous type? Are they always curious to know what’s inside the toy you just bought two days ago? Then they’d fit right in with Ben, the boy with the magic watch – the Omnitrix. Using the Omnitrix’s special powers, Ben can change into anything to match up the enemy he is fighting. That’s the kind of cool your kid will brag about this holiday if they Catch Up with Ben 10: Omniverse.



5. Laughing out loud

Kids can get grumpy, that is why they need to be cackled up often. It doesn't matter if they roll on the floor while at it. The remedy for this rests on Liv and Maddie, identical twins who are so different from one another. There is definitely some competition and conflict, the typical sibling rivalry served with comedy. What's a holiday without consistent bouts of laughter? Liv and Maddie is defintely a show to Catch Up on.



DStv Catch Up is updated on a weekly basis, so there definitely more where these came from. Check it out now.

Want your kids to make the most out of their holiday, get the DStv Explora, and let's start catching up.