DSt Logan on BO

(by @Kanzayua79)

You can now catch Hugh Jackman’s rousing farewell as Wolverine in Logan, which is available on BoxOffice this Friday 23 June.

After 17 years as the character, starring in all the films within the X-Men franchise, Jackman is calling it a day and we can’t imagine anyone else playing the iconic role.

Set in 2029, in a world reduced to wasteland and the mutants all but gone, Logan focuses solely on the Wolverine. A nurse asks Logan for assistance to cross the border from North Dakota to Canada with her daughter, setting off an unexpected chain of events.

Logan is not the usual comic book flick that we’ve become accustomed to. Its dark tone is established during an incredible opening scene, and is maintained throughout. The movie doesn't just let you drink up the action but also puts you inside the troubled psyche of one of the most popular comic book heroes ever.

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