Maisha Magic Bongo movie.

Tune in to Maisha Magic Bongo to catch all the crazy antics of Bongowood.

Who doesn’t love a movie binge weekend. With the new Maisha Magic Bongo (160), we can now indulge fully in Swahili movies, complete with subtitles. Bongo movies can be quite interesting with their extreme plot lines. Here are a few that you will never miss in a Swahili movie.

1. Love triangle

A Bongo film is not complete without a love triangle. There is usually a hot man, most likely a DJ, that two women are fighting over. Or, it could also be a beautiful damsel always in distress, not knowing which man to go for between the married tycoon and the poor village boy with much potential. To see more complicated love triangles, catch Car Wash on Wednesday 4 November at 19:30 CAT.

2. Polite thief

Good etiquette is one thing we have to give to the Tanzanians. The portrayal in the movies is not far fetched as this is the only place a thief will take off their shoes at the door and greet the victims before requesting to steal from them. Afterwards, they take their time to put their shoes on and walk away as if nothing happened. Good thieves are only found in Tanzanian movies.

3. Witchcraft

This is a theme that all African movies seem to dwell on and Bongo films are not left behind. Superstition is usually the order of the day with the revival of the old Jini tails from coastal towns.

4. Unrequited love

Just like a love triangle, unrequited love is quite popular. Sometimes it is extreme in cases such as that of a man camping at a lake because he is in love with a mermaid who can’t return his love because she is water bound. Witchcraft then comes in, spells are cast and she is then able to live on land. Sadly, tragedy strikes and the man dies and she returns to the lake. The same thing happens to a few young men until the villagers learn this and finally do away with the mermaid. Disney anyone? Tune in to Baby V on Thursday 26 November at 19:30 for the full story.

5. Family drama

Here is where bongo movies excel. They revolve around family drama. A stepmother mistreating her step kids is a common theme along with the prodigal son and daughter, the dad with many wives and finally the creepy uncle who wants to get close to his niece. The most popular is parents opposing their kids' marriages to so-called unacceptable families. Catch some family drama on Fedheha on Thursday 12 November at 19:30.