During Nairobi Restaurant Week Launch. Soni talks food.

 Soni Adriance, a self-proclaimed foodie, had acquired quite a sophisticated palate from her eating out ventures.  She took it upon herslef  try out all Kenya had to offer when it came to food - too bad there was no website with reviews to direct her journey to trying out the various cuisines available locally.

Soni, being the creative that she is, decided to start her own blog, Soni Side Up - yes, just like how you like your eggs but with a twist. The blog asks readers to follow her journey as she eats and drinks her way through Nairobi's restaurant and bar scene. Sounds like a good plan!

Speaking of food, have you checked out our Foodie's Page? Please do and catch up with last month's blogger Kaluhi and her awesome recipe.

Back to Soni, we managed to catch up with her to talk about her love for eating out, her favoutire spots so far and most definitely he love for the Food Network (175) and what she enjoys watching on DStv.

Here is how the interview went down:


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