Blogger of the month and foodie Miss Mandi

DStv’s blogger of the month this April is the self-proclaimed throwdown queen Mandi Sarro known to many by her media moniker - Miss Mandi. For a few years, she has been blogging and vlogging via  Coming to a successful end this April, she also started her own food campaign on Instagram #100DaysofKenyanThrowDowns that features 100 meals cooked to Mandi’s perfection.

Like Miss Mandi, Tia Mowry is a queen of perfection when it comes to whipping up finger-licking dishes. Join Tia Mowry at Home every Thursday at 22:00 on Food Network (175).

When we met up with her, Mandi reveals that her passion for cooking started at a tender age. She credits a lot of her vast taste and palate to her Rwandese and Kenyan roots, and her travel tales to destinations like Toronto (where she used to live).

Mandi talks to DStv on why she is obsessed with cooking, kitchen tips, her favourite food shows, meals (especially off #100DaysofKenyanThrowDowns) and how to impress her if you want to take her out for some gourmet food.