Kaluhi lives for love, life and food according to her Kaluhi’s Kitchen blog. 

As a Finance major, it is hard to find the direct connection between food and money or even creativity for that matter. Kaluhi Adagala, however, has put her money where her mouth is with her foodie blog.

Kaluhi describes her blog as a Kenyan food blog for the everyday Kenyan who has plans to change the way they cook, eat, and share their food. Whether you are a culinary pro or you have just started cooking, the kitchen remains common ground and she hopes to inspire you with her recipes and make the food unique, tantalising and appetising. Slurp!

We invited Kaluhi to delve more into her love affair with le cuisines and learn more about what makes her tick. In the process, we discovered that Kaluhi’s favourite chef is Siba Mtongana among other DStv top chefs. Find out whether Kaluhi likes sweet or savoury, rice or pasta, and what’s next for Kaluhi’s Kitchen.

Here is our chat with her: 

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