TV producer/screenwriter Shonda Rhimes

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It's not rocket science to find someone in the TV universe who can light a candle for the force of nature that is Shonda Rhimes.

Shonda isn’t just a producer or writer or director, she’s a brand building a TV empire with her production company, ShondaLand. It’s no surprise that her mother studio ABC has built a marketing campaign around her with their #TGIT (Thank God It's Thursday) for Shonda's Thursday line-up of Grey's Anatomy, The Fixer and How to Get Away with Murder.

So what makes this woman the TV genius she is?

She takes big risks by killing characters we still want to see, like McDreamy, breaking relationships we all root for and giving us major plot twists in between. Shonda is brutal; it is likely that she will break your heart in any of her finales.

She pushes boundaries, ventures into places where only a few people dare to go like breaking TV stereotypes. For instance, she introduced the first strong black woman on prime time TV when she wrought Grey’s Anatomy iron lady Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) aka The Nazi.

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Then she created another strong face, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), a woman so good at fixing other people’s lives but her own.

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Shonda’s most recent SBW is the lawyer extraordinaire Annalise Keating, a character so flawed yet so good, it has earned Viola Davis the first Best Actress Emmys for a black woman.

This strong, black woman complex is a shift of power that some have found too odd to embrace, attracting Shonda's meanest critics who have accused her of being an "angry black woman" creating her characters in her own image.

But trust a woman like Shonda to fight her own battles. After all, she is Annalise Keating, Olivia Pope and Miranda Bailey, all wrapped into one. 



I know what you are thinking, "Oh snap!" (makes a mental note to research on Yoga for Beginners)

But in the meantime, how about finding out:

Five things you didn’t know about Shonda.

1. In 2009, she made a pilot for a news drama – Inside the Box – to feature actress Indira Varma but was not picked up by ABC, the channel that now houses her triple threats - Grey's Anatomy, HTGAWM and The Fixer.

2. She originally wrote feature films before she ventured into television.

3. She co-wrote Anne Hathaway’s The Princess Diaries 2.

4. Of all the shows she’s created, she identifies more with Grey’s Anatomy.

5. She has never written a single episode of HTGAWM, although she writes some episodes for The Fixer and is Grey's Anatomy's headwriter.