Child Genius

If your kids are not back to school already, they’ll probably be out of your hair in the next week or so. That’s a relief, yeah? And just like we kept them busy during the holidays with our variety of kids entertainment, we also want to help you get them up to speed with school work through our edutainment selection. 

1. Child Genius

Let your child join the battle of the brightest in Child Genius where 20, eight to 12-year-old child geniuses compete for the grand prize of a $100 000 college fund. There’s nothing that motivates a child more than witnessing other bright kids go deep in their brains to shine and become the best. Child Genius airs Fridays at 08:10 on Lifetime.

2. How Do They Do It?

Is your kid the curious type who’s always wondering how ordinary objects are manufactured? Well, he’s in luck as How Do They Do It seeks to answer that question. The show also features problem solving-engineers and visionary industrial designers who seek to make the modern world a better place. How Do They Do It airs on Sunday at 10:10 on Discovery (121).

3. Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar

Treasure hunting is fun for kids no doubt, especially the adventurous ones. It helps even more if they can learn something while doing it just like in Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar where a group of adventurers and explorers attempt to solve mysteries that date back hundreds of years. Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar airs on Saturday at 23:10 on HISTORY (186). I know what you are thinking, that’s probably too late for your little "munchkin" to be awake. Here’s a little secret, you can always record this show on the DStv Explora so that your kid can watch it at a more appropriate time.

4. The Genius of Dahl

When it comes to children’s stories, no one quite told them like novelist Roald Dahl, who gave us his best works like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda. Now your child can experience the inner world of Dahl, plus those who were close to him in The Genius of Dahl on Sundays at 17:00 on Mindset (319).

Other edutainment shows on DStv:

  • Smartbucks Mind Your Moolah, (teaches your child how to save money), Sundays at 19:00 on Mindset (319)
  • Grade 12 Sciences Back 2 Basics, Mondays at 18:00 on Mindset (319)
  • Known Universe, (focuses on the formation of the moon and planet Earth), Mondays at 18:20 on National Geographic Channel (181)

Remember you can always record all these shows so that your child can watch them later, only with the DStv Explora, which now goes for a reduced price of Shs 12 500. Buy the DStv Explora online at the DStv Webshop.