Animation movie Shrek

This Christmas, get the best of animations on DStv

This Christmas, get the best of animations on DStv. You might especially want to check out these six animations we’ve compiled for you for the upcoming week. So grab your entire family, young or old – kick back and relax into our select three themes:

Lots of laugh

We all love to get our ribs cracking and you know what they say about laughter – it’s the best medicine. Don’t be afraid to find the child in you as you engulf yourself in hilarious storylines that will blow your mind.

Don’t miss The Princess and the Frog, on 21 December at 19:00 on M-Net Movies Family, a musical comedy based on The Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale The Frog Prince. To find the perfect prince, the fairy tale says that you need to keep kissing frogs. What if a kiss was under a spell and your frog really wasn’t the perfect prince? Meet Naveen the prince and New Orleans waitress Tiana. Will one kiss overpower a spell?

Some inspiration

The film Escape From Planet Earth was Jessica Alba's voice debut in an animated feature. When an alien is on a mission to rescue captured babies, it becomes the story that keeps giving. There erupts a famous hero and a beautiful love interest. Catch this film on 22 December at 19:00 on M-Net Movies Family (105).

Welcome to fantasy world

We all love to take a little journey into a world of wonder and all possibilities. Once upon a time, there was the Land of Oz where leaders of a city discover an evil person. It’s a race to try save the whole city from a battalion of flying wizards and evil. Don’t miss Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return on 23 December from 18:00 on M-Net Movies Zone (139).

Still on that tip, catch A Bug’s Life on 23 December at 19:00on  M-Net Movies Family | 105. Have you ever imagined the kind of life a bug lives? Pixar has ruled the roost with one hit after another. From wizardry to the ability to spin a yarn that enchants children and adults alike, it’s a grand hustle – a story you will enjoy.

On the eve of Christmas, 24 December, grab the whole family and even neighbours if you can to watch one of the greatest animation films of all time - SHREK at 19:00 on M-Net Movies Family (105). This is an uplifting, irreverent and utterly wonderful animation classic for everyone. You will get to learn how to see beauty in everyone and in every life situation.

Another fantastic film you won’t want to miss is Barbie And Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure on 26 December at 18:25 on M-Net Movies Premiere (103). Follow through as Barbie, one of the most prolific Hollywood stars and her sisters take part in a thrilling escapade.