Top Actor Africa top three finalist

The agony, the nonchalance, the drama, the sadness, the anger, the joy, the laughter… You go through most of these is emotions all day but could you do it on cue?

Well that is exactly what top actor Alex Khayo from Nairobi, Kenya is all about. He has made it to the top three on BET's Top Actor Africa Season 2. He beat everyone and is the only Kenyan left in the competition going up against two South Africans.

You should tune in fingers crossed to see if he emerges the champ every Tuesday at 20:30 on BET (129).

Alex’s persona brings exactly what you would expect from an actor. A mix of coy and shy, he, however, commands presence and exudes confidence. He speaks of his experience on the show as being the most exhilarating time of his life. Having being thrust into a world where he is required to do his own stunts was: “Out of my comfort zone but well worth it,” 

Check out what he had to say about working with Hollywood actress Erica Ash who stars as Kevin Hart’s estranged wife on the wildly hilarious Real Husbands of Hollywood and the hit series loosely based on LeBron James' life, Survivors Remorse. He also worked with screen siren Jay Ellis who was on The Game and the series drama CSI.


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