Serena Wiliams

As Serena Williams aces through to the third round of the Australian Open, catch her and other tennis bigwigs live in action on SS6 on DStv.

As was anticipated, Serena Williams is through to the third round of the 2016 Australian Open, alongside Roger Federer.

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In the spirit of celebrating this dominant number one, here are some interesting facts about this Williams girl:

1. She’s a sprinter

She isn’t just a winner on the tennis court, even in real life. Once while dining out at a restaurant, a man took her iPhone from her table and walked out with it. After chasing him down the street, all she asked him was, “Did you pick my phone by mistake?” Of course he claimed it was a mistake.

2. Dating rumours

From Drake to Common, she has been linked to powerful musicians. While the Drake rumour was started by fans, Serena actually dated rapper Common between (2008 – 2010) and the two have remained great friends.

3. Fashion killer

Serena is no stranger to stealing shows on the red carpet. She also owns her fashion line - Serena Williams Clothing - and she unveiled a new collection at the New York Fashion week, supported by her rumoured boyfriend Drake.

4. Certified sportsperson

Serena has many accolades and titles to her name, even clinching some of the most coveted recognitions in the world of sports like Sportsperson of the Year (Sports Illustrated) and Female Athlete of the Year (AP).

5. Dominant world number one

Serena is ranked No.1 in women’s single tennis. She has been ranked by WTA as such on a record six different occasions. She is also the reigning champion of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and Olympic Women’s singles and Doubles.

6. Sister love

Despite her sister, Venus Williams, being a former world number one and her rival in many tournaments (the two have played in 27 matches since 1998), they have never fallen out because of tennis.

7. Injuries                                                                                                                                           

Serena is lucky, throughout her career, she’s had a few injuries – once on her elbow where she was forced to withdraw from the 2015 Bank of the West Classic. You would think that this would make her see the need for rest. She said, "I'm disappointed to have to withdraw but I need to get my elbow back to 100 percent.” 

8. Net worth

She’s got the money and never flosses about it; her net worth is estimated by some at $145 million. Interesting fact is that the numbers double her career earnings. Do the math. Now we are thinking of starting to play tennis.