HTFAH cast

Get some tips to live your life the best way you can with Maisha Magic.

Maisha Magic can loosely be translated as Magical Living. But most times its not really about magic. It is rather about tried and tested methods of improving your life. We picked up these tips along the way:

1.    Your dreams are valid
Your dreams are valid no matter where you come from. Which is why rookie contestants Phy and Fil-ah (Kenya); Spirit Soul and Richy (Uganda) and Damian Soul and Myra (Tanzania) are making it big on Maisha Superstar. Now you know what to do: stop brooding on your talent, maybe you need a little help from the judges on Maisha Superstar, which airs every Monday at 20:00 CAT.

2.    If you spot your pesky neighbour, run for your life
Let’s be honest, there is no other way around this. Just turn to the other direction and break into a sprint because pesky neighbours can ruin your life without any qualms. Like Anne Kansiime, they will turn minute situations into stormy battles. Still think I'm bluffing? Watch Don’t Mess with Kansiime every Wednesday 15 April at 20:00 CAT.

3.    Sometimes nagging works
“I’m begging you to beg me. I need you to need me. I’d love you to love me.” Live by these Cheaptrick’s lyrics until something happens. Beg, nag and roll on the floor until you get what you want. Women in How to Find a Husband can get what they want just by tugging at the sleeves of their men a little. Disclaimer: Nagging doesn't always work. See how Thomas took off very fast when Abigail nagged him about getting married. Trying to find a husband when you are constantly nagging can prove a bit technical. Just watch for yourself in How to Find a Husband on Tuesday 14 April at 21:00 CAT.


4.  Gossiping can be a healthy hobby
There is a certain saying that women stay healthy and happy by gossiping. Okay, we may have made this up but I'd like to believe there's logic in there somewhere. No? Pendo, Zoey, Ruby and Liz always pool together to discuss their happenings or mishappenings in the city. Join them on Rush every Monday at 22:00.


5.    Weddings are important
There’s that marriage clause in Kenya about being "technically" married after you’ve lived with a girl for six months. But what about the wedding? You know, the white dress, the flowers, the exes craning their necks from the back seat to see if it is indeed true, your girlfriends swooning over the groom... Where is the wedding? It’s at Samantha Bridal on Sunday 19 April at 18:00 CAT. And (this is very important), watch it with your man and just put it out in the open.

6.    Practise your pick up lines in front of a mirror
Oh Lord, Tujuane Plus sometimes... let's just say it gives us bouts of laughter. A girl is all spruced up and ready to be charmed by this tall, dark and handsome man; he opens his mouth and we all just want to jump into the screen and hand him a dating manual. Some people can pull off any pick up line easily, but if you do not fall into this category, kindly practise your lines in front of a mirror. Watch how hard it is for some people in Tujuane Plus, every Tuesday at 20:00 CAT.

7.    Value your TV time
I just had to slip this one in. For the love of God, watch some TV with DStv. Take some time off your busy schedule and discover all the amazing shows on offer. If you can't make the time, you can still catch everything entertainment on DStv Catch Up.