How to access your Audio channels
  • If you have a DStv Explora press ‘DStv’ on your remote, go to ‘Watch Now’ and then scroll to ‘Audio channels’ or;
  • Input the number of the channel you want to listen to on your remote or;
  • If you have an HD PVR press 'SHIFT', then press 'TV' to get to the Audio channels or;
  • If you have an older decoder, press 'TV' and select 'DStv Audio' or;
  • If you have a DStv Explora or a DStv HD Decoder, press 'GRID', use the arrows to find the channel and then press 'OK' to tune to it.
DMX channels
Find the perfect music to fit your perfect moment, with 40 DMX music channels to choose from. Each channel offers a different genre of non-stop music to make every occasion special. Click here for the full list of DMX channels.
Local and international radio stations
You can listen to your favourite local and international radio stations, with a wide range of talk, news and music channels available 24/7.

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