East Meets West

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This is what you can look forward to enjoying in your favourite soapies.

Saloni (weekdays at 18:00)
Kaveri tells Samar that she has no relation with Nikita and that only Kamini matters. Saloni is hurt as Kaveri reminds her of what she doesn’t have and Urvashi gives Saloni a sentimental gift. Eleven years have gone by but Urvashi is still playing mind games with Saloni. Shweta reminds Sawri of the fact that Saloni is not her mother. Advitya asks Urvashi to take him away.

The Vow (weeknights at 19:00)
The identity of the person responsible for deceiving Mahua is revealed. Sagar’s has a meltdown which has bad results for Vydia. Sindoora is shocked when Vidya beats her at her own game. Sindoora seems to be losing her touch as nothing she plans goes well. Sagar and Vydia’s social status seem to be interfering with their happiness.

Sacred Ties (weeknights at 20:00)
Manav finally gets what he has always wanted as Shalini makes a decision that will change both their lives. Archana and Manav are disowned by their families. Manav is helped out of a sticky situation by people from his past. Dharmesh’s plan to take Archana from Manav doesn’t go as he planned. Archana receives bad news.

East Meets West (weeknights at 21:00)
Ranbir plans to throw Ranbir out, but that gets in the way of his plans with Rekha. Ranbir brings up Uma’s marriage, but doesn’t know there is a shock in store for him. After finding out about Uma’s condition Vikrant gives an unexpected suggestion. Abhay receives a letter about Lisa’s condition.