Artwork for Wrestlemania

The phenomenon that locks in fans across the world will be lighting up DStv.

Yes, it’s WrestleMania time! That means a whole week of wrestling excess culminates in the show to end all shows. In this instance, at the Superdome in New Orleans where upwards of 80 000 fans will come and pay homage to WWE superstars like John Cena, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Braun Strowman and Sasha Banks all parading at WrestleMania 34.

Not forgetting the much-anticipated debut of former mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey, who previously reined as the most dangerous woman on the planet.

Excitement is already at nuclear levels with several red-hot contests beginning to boil over. One of the biggest head-to-heads will see man mountain Lesnar up against fan fiend Reigns, who booked his spot in the Universal Championship after twice belting Strowman. There’s plenty of beef between the pair, especially after Reigns was arrested at a Raw event with Lesnar, then beat him with a chair.

Much of the interest will be on Rousey, making her WWE debut at WrestleMania. It will be fascinating to see how the crowd treat her – will she be regarded as an imposter or will her MMA pedigree earn her kudos?

A lot of the is also around the potential battle between Cena and The Undertaker. Yes, The Undertaker coming out of retirement – again! It’s a dream match and as much as the organisers have tried to put a lid on it happening, it seems a done deal. Cena himself has said it’s a contest he wants, ensuring fans are set for a likely classic in what may indeed be The Undertaker’s final assignment.

DStv will also broadcast the pre-show as well as the kick-off show live prior to the event on SuperSport. Here's the schedule:

Monday, 9 April
17:00  WrestleMania Kick–off show on SS2 / 2A / 9 (Max 2 will start at 14:25)
19:00 –WrestleMania on SS2 / 2A / 9 (Max 2 will start at 16:25)
Friday, 13 April 
18:00  WrestleMania Kick–off show on SS10 / 10 A / Sel GO 3 / Max 360
20:00 WrestleMania on SS10 / 10 A / Sel GO 3 / Max 360
Sunday, 15 April 
13:00 WrestleMania Kick–off show on SS10 / GO 3 / Max 360 (SS10A to start at 14:00)
15:00 WrestleMania on SS10 / Sel GO 3 / Max 360 (SS10A to start at 16:00)