Daenerys Targaryen  known as Khaleesi in her signature blue dress with a dragon sitting next to her.

If you are not already watching Game of Thrones on M-Net, this is why you should start.

If you are not already watching Game of Thrones, here is why you should start now.

The power play

Stannis Baratheon wants control of the Iron Throne, so does Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, ..and a whole bunch of other people just waiting in line. Each one of them has found themselves a weapon of mass destruction to fight the enemy. For instance, Daenerys has her dragons, Stannis has Melissandre. The power In Westeros, everyone wants to sit at the Iron ThroneWhat sets the stage for Game of Thrones is the power play among the noble families of Westeros. The noble houses all see themselves as great, second to noneEveryone wants the ultimate power, no one is willing to relinquish it.

The stakes are high.

In the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die. There is no middle ground of safety therefore, you have to do everything possible, even the dirtiest tricks of humanity to survive.

Everyone is dispensable

No life is spared in Westeros. Men may be unequal in terms of social status and the noble houses they belong to but the major characters are equally likely to die just like the minor characters. Look at how unashamedly killed Ned Stark (S1), who until his time of death was the main protagonist of the show. Game of Thrones is not afraid to kill its major characters, adding to the suspense because you never know who’ll die next.

It’s characters are tragically flawed.

Game of Thrones captures human nature at its best or worst depending on how you look at it. Humans are creatures of desire, inherently greedy to amass more power and wealth..In Westeros, life isn’t black and white, these men are willing to do anything for power. They are barbaric and evil, they will kill their next of kin if they have to, they will burn a whole village to ashes and stick a dagger through the heart another, if it gets them anywhere closer to the Iron Throne.

Fire breathing dragons

The sword wielding child

The bitter rivalry between House Stark and House Lannister