Chris Hemsworth (Thor), a smile for the camera

DStv has some Chris for you, who is your favourite superhero?

I want me some Chris! I don’t know why but Hollywood superhero blockbusters have a high affinity for the name Chris. It might just be a coincidence, but we never want them to stop because the superhero Chris' are eye-candy, aside from their stellar performances of course.

I mean have you seen Chris Pine’s sparkly blue eyes, or Chris Hemsworth's chiseled jaw? Chris Evans' killer smile and Chris Pratt’s ripped bod. So which Chris would you go out on a date with?

Chris Hemsworth looks a little rebellious, the kind of free-spirited attitude that is like catnip to every good girl. Playing the titular Thor in the Thor franchise, he is portrayed as rebellious and arrogant, but from the way he gushes about his family, Hemsworth is a caring and responsible man. With Chris, you wouldn’t be sure if you like the younger brother more or the older one - which puts you in a very tight spot.

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Let’s read Chris Evan’s Marvel superhero ‘rap sheet’, shall we? Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four, Steve Rogers/Captain America in Captain America franchise and the ensemble blockbuster The Avengers. No Chris has been in that many superhero films, which shows that Evans is efficient and very dedicated. And did you see him run in Captain America? He looks like the guy who values his morning runs and is very sporty.


Chris Pine who played Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series is so well-mannered, I want to take him home to see my mother. On top of that, he’s emotional too, just watch him shed tears after the Glory performance at the Oscars. This superhero can sing too because he played the Charming (literally) Disney royalty in Into the Woods. In other news, Pine is rumoured to play Green Lantern in DC’s Comic’s Justice League, in response to Marvel’s The Avengers.


Chris Pratt dazzled in Guardians of the Galaxy as the thieving Star Lord who leads a band of intergalactic criminals to save the universe from the blood thirsty Ronan. Pratt is hot but he looks like the kind of guy who you would never make a big deal about it. With lines like “You’ve got the best eyebrows in the business” he’s definitely the funniest Chris. He’s the guy you’d take to a boring social gathering just to lighten the mood.


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