Under the Same Sky Telemundo

A new telenovela, Under the Same Sky, premieres on Telemundo.

This February, Telemundo (118) will exclusively launch a brand new telenovela, Under the Same Sky, following the trials and tribulations of a family torn apart by gang violence. What would you do if your eldest son became a gang member? This is the harsh reality that Carlos Martinez faces when his family is torn apart by gang violence. Tune in from Monday 8 February at 17:10 CAT to follow the gripping story set in the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles.

Inspired by the award-winning American film A Better Life, Under the Same Sky explores with a high degree of realism the life of Carlos (Gabriel Porras), an undocumented Mexican father, illegally living in the city of Los Angeles. Carlos is a man with good intentions, trying to pursue an honest living, but his life is full of challenges. He constantly lives in fear of deportation and is plagued by the anxiety of losing his beloved sons, the young but impressionable Luis (Luis Ernesto Franco) and the ruthless Rodrigo (Alejandro Speitzer).

Carlos dreams of giving his sons a better life, but everything turns into a nightmare when his eldest son, Rodrigo, disappears to join a gang. Desperate, Carlos struggles to keep his youngest son, Luis, away from the dangers of the city. But things become even more complicated when Carlos coincidentally meets Adela (María Elisa Camargo), a beautiful but deceitful gang member, who steals his heart after trying to steal his truck.

But burning questions remain! Why did Rodrigo leave his family and what can Carlos do to prevent the same happening to Luis? Will Carlos be able to give his sons a good future, or will the difficulty and dangers of the city prevail? Find out from Monday 8 February at 17:10 CAT.