Joachim Low

MultiChoice is excited to announce that it has acquired rights to the brand-new UEFA Nations League and a host of international friendlies.

DStv customers will be treated to a festival of European national team football on SuperSport, played during the FIFA break starting this week.

Viewers will be able to watch over 25 matches in the next six days every single night from Thursday, 6 September to Tuesday, 11 September, featuring European nations which fared so well in the recent FIFA World Cup.

The tournament will be broadcast live on SuperSport’s multiple platforms which include TV, online via the DStv Now App and digital.

Thursday’s opening fixtures feature two blockbuster matchups; World champions France against a German side eager to make amends for their World Cup disappointment and World cup runners-up Croatia, led by the recently crowned UEFA Men’s Player of the Year, Luka Modric, facing off against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal.

Other crackers on matchday one of the Nations Cup include England against Spain on Saturday and Portugal against Italy on Tuesday.

Brand De Villiers, CEO of MultiChoice Africa said: “We are very excited to bring this new tournament to our loyal customers. Football fans need not be worried as international football breaks will remain packed with football on SuperSport. Only the World of Champions on DStv provides you with a front row view of all the football that really matters.”

All kick-off times are in CAT

Thursday, 6 September
UEFA Nations League: Kazakhstan vs Georgia at 16:00 on SS3A/ SS3N
UEFA Nations League: Armenia vs Liechtenstein at 18:00 on SS3A/ SS3N
UEFA Nations League: Wales vs Rep. Ireland at 20:45 on SS6A
UEFA Nations League: Germany vs France at 20:45 on SS3A / SS3N/Max 2
UEFA Nations League: Slovenia vs Bulgaria at 20:45 on SS11
UEFA Nations League: Czech Republic vs Ukraine at 20:45 on SS7A / SS7N
International Friendly: Austria vs Sweden at 20:45 on SS10A
International Friendly:  Netherlands vs Peru at 20:45 on SS8A / Max 360
International Friendly: Portugal vs Croatia at 20:45 on SS5A / SS5N / Max 1

Friday, 7 September
UEFA Nations League: Azerbaijan vs Kosovo at 18:00 on SS3A / SS3N
UEFA Nations League: Albania vs Israel at 20:45 on SS10A
UEFA Nations League: Turkey vs Russia at 20:45 on SS8A / Max 360
UEFA Nations League: Italy vs Poland at 20:45 on SS3A / SS3N / Max 1
International Friendly: Scotland vs Belgium at 20:45 on SS7A / SS7N / Max 2

Saturday, 8 September
UEFA Nations League: Northern Ireland vs Bosnia and Herzegovina at 15:00 on SS3A / SS3N
UEFA Nations League: Switzerland vs Iceland at 18:00 on SS3A / SS3N / Max 2
UEFA Nations League: Finland vs Hungary at 18:00 on SS7A / SS7N / SS10A
UEFA Nations League: Estonia vs Greece at 20:45 on SS7A / SS7N /SS10A / Max 360
UEFA Nations League: England vs Spain at 20:45 on SS3A/ SS3N / Max 1

Sunday, 9 September
UEFA Nations League: Ukraine vs Slovakia at 15:00 on SS3A / SS3N
UEFA Nations League: Bulgaria vs Norway at 18:00 on SS4A
UEFA Nations League: Denmark vs Wales at 18:00 on SS3A / SS3N / Max 2
UEFA Nations League: France v Netherlands at 20:45 on SS3A / SS3N / Max 1
International Friendly: Germany vs Peru at 20:45 on SS7A / SS7N / SS10A

Monday, 10 September
UEFA Nations League: Scotland vs Albania at 20:45 on SS7A / SS7N/ SS10A
UEFA Nations League: Serbia vs Romania at 20:45 on SS9A / Max 2
UEFA Nations League: Sweden vs Turkey at 20:45 on SS5A / SS5N / SS10A
UEFA Nations League: Portugal vs Italy at 20:45 on SS3A / SS3N / Max 1
International Friendly: Russia vs Czech Republic at 18:00 on S3A / SS3N / Max 1

Tuesday, 11 September
UEFA Nations League: Hungary vs Greece at 20:45 on SS10A / SS11
UEFA Nations League: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Austria at 20:45 on SS4A
UEFA Nations League: Spain vs Croatia at 20:45 on SS3A / SS3N / Max 1
UEFA Nations League: Iceland vs Belgium at 20:45 on SS6A / Max 360
International Friendly: Poland vs Republic of Ireland at 20:45 on SS7A / SS7N
International Friendly: Northern Ireland vs Israel at 20:45 on SS8A
International Friendly: England vs Switzerland at 21:00 on SS5A / SS5N / Max 2

Notes on the new UEFA Nations League:

To be played biannually, the tournament features all 55 UEFA member associations divided into four leagues; League A, B, C and D. Grouping of the teams into leagues is according to their rank in the UEFA rankings to ensure that they are evenly matched.

League A is made up of the top 12 ranked nations. The 12 are subdivided into four groups of three.

League B is made up of nations ranked from number 13 to 24 and they are also subdivided into four groups of three.

League C consists of the nations ranked from number 25 to 39. This league is also divided into four groups. However, three of the groups have four teams each whilst the fourth group has three teams.

League D is made up of the 16 teams ranked from number 40 to 55. This league is subdivided into four groups of four.

The tournament’s champions will emerge from League A. The four group winners will from this league contest the semi-finals, third-place playoff and the final, all to be played in June next year. Nations finishing at the bottom of their groups in this league are relegated to League B.

League B group winners gain promotion to League A while the four nations finishing at the bottom of their groups are relegated to League C. The same scenario applies to League C with group winners gaining promotion to League B and the last place finishers getting relegated to League D.

No team gets relegated in League D, but group winners do gain promotion to League C.

A second chance to qualify for Euro 2020 is another element that will ensure that the tournament is competitive.

Should the 16 Nations League group winners or the next best-placed teams fail to qualify for Euro 2020 during the qualification campaign scheduled to start in March next year, progress to a playoff to compete for the final four Euro 2020 spots.

Nations League group matches will be played on a home and away basis in the months of September, October and November 2018.