The Voice Nigeria Billboard

Another exciting episode of The Voice Nigeria brings us close to the grand finale as the show which began with 48 contestants is now down to 12 contestants vying for a place in the top eight.

The stakes are higher as the grand prizes for the winner have been revealed: a recording deal with Universal, a brand new SUV valued at seven million Naira from AfricaMagic, and a four night all-expense paid trip for the winner and a partner to Abu Dhabi, courtesy of Etihad.

Sunday’s episode was another dose of drama, excitement and suspense as the coaches were once again saddled with the dilemma of saving one contestant, while another contestant who is up for eviction to be saved by public voting.

The show kicked off with #TeamTimiDakolo as Cornel and Dewe, up for eviction from the previous episode, were saved while Armstrong Martins left the competition. Vicky who stunned the crowd in the last episode kicked off the night’s performances with a stunning rendition of the legendary Bob Marley’s Is This Love, while the recently saved Dewe gave his all with Sam Smith’s I’m Not the Only One. Cornel the old school maestro tantaliSed with John Legend’s Refuge (When it’s Cold Outside). At the end of the performances, Timi saved Cornel.

Last week’s show saw Tubaba save David Operah and Nigeria had to save two from the team. On Sunday night, Nigeria saved Brenda and Viveeyen, and David Operah kicked off his team’s performances with Lemar’s It’s Not That Easy. Viveeyen was next singing You and I by Lady Gaga. Brenda ended the team’s performances with an energetic, reggae inspired rendition of Cynthia Morgan’s I’m Taken. Tubaba made a quick call and saved Brenda.

#TeamWaje was next with Nigeria saving Arese and Patrick, with Promise leaving the competition. The soul singing Michael went first and did Tubaba proud by singing his hit song Be There while the unconventional Arese gave a heart-throbbing performance singing Circle of Life, the soundtrack to the hit animation The Lion King. Patrick performed last and sang Tubaba’s I Hate What You Do to Me. Following a stellar performance, Arese was saved by Waje.

To end the show was #TeamPatorankingInneka was evicted from the competition as Nigeria opted to save Chike and DNA. The performances kicked off with Nonso singing D’Angelo’s Untitled (How Does it Feel), followed by the ladies’ Man Chike who sang The Proclaimers’ I’m Gonna Be (500 miles). The duo of DNA ended the show singing Shaydee’s High. Chike got saved by Patoranking.

Public voting opened immediately after Sunday’s show and closes on Wednesday 20 July. To vote for your favourite contestant, simply send their respective sms numbers to 33120.

For #TeamTubaba

•             David Operah - Text 02 to 33120

•             Viveeyen – Text 08 to 33120

For #TeamWaje

•             Michael – Text 29 to 33120

•             Patrick – Text 30 to 33120

For #TeamPatoranking

•             Nonso Bassey - Text 13 to 33120

•             DNA – Text 11 to 33120

For #TeamTimiDakolo

•             Dewe – Text 19 to 33120

•             Vicky - Text 24 to 33120


You can also vote via WeChat. Simply download the WeChat app on your smartphones or tablets, add the AfricaMagicTV ID, select the vote option and register for voting using your One Time Pin.

Make sure you tune in to AfricaMagic Showcase (151) on Sunday to catch The Voice Nigeria and you can also watch repeat episodes on AfricaMagic Family (151) every Tuesday at 16:00 CAT.