The cast with graduating gowns.

There’s nothing quite like taking a trip back to the nineties and early norties for its fashion, music and pop culture – and with these great shows on DStv, we get that and so much more.

From fashionable and LOL moments, to appearances from stars before they made it to Hollywood’s A-list, these throwback shows are a must-see!

Friends (weekdays at 15:45 on Comedy Central)
Grabbing a coffee and hanging out with your friends is a very good life, and for Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey, they get to live the good life every day. That’s in between pitching up for work, falling in love, and for some, debating the age old question of if they were on a break or not.

Scrubs (weekdays at 16:10 on SONY)
Visiting a hospital has never been this much fun! JD and Turk are doctors at Sacred Heart, and with their colleagues, love lives and starting families, this is a comedy that definitely pulls on the heart strings.

Will and Grace (weekdays at 17:25 on Comedy Central)
It’s a case of opposites attract with Will and Grace – they’re each other’s shoulders to cry on and to ask advice from. And they also fight. But it’s all so entertaining, especially when their friends Jack and Karen add their two-cents worth.

Charmed (weekdays at 17:40 on FOX)
The Halliwell sisters are uber cool! After finding out they descend from a long line of witches, they use their special powers to do good – coming face to face, and putting an end to some of the underworlds grossest creatures.

Walker, Texas Ranger (weekdays at 18:30 on CBS Action)
No throwback list is complete without adding some Chuck Norris! As Cordell Walker, Chuck made us want to take up martial arts – he always makes it seem so easy, while fighting the bad guys.

Sister, Sister (weekdays at 18:30 on CBS Drama)
Tia and Tamera may look identical, but these sisters, who were separated at birth are so different! After they find each other in a shopping mall, the teens go through the ups and downs of a blended family, with school and love lives to deal with. And who couldn’t love their nosy neighbour, Roger Evans.

Hangin' With Mr. Cooper (weekdays at 19:20 on CBS Drama)
Mr. Cooper is the coolest teacher on the block! And with Robin and Vanessa and his natural talent, he gets the hang of being a teacher and is a good advisor (sometimes) to the kids at Oakbridge High School.

Family Matters (weekdays at 20:10 on CBS Drama)
Before Roger, there was another curious neighbour we fell madly in love with. With his braces and quirky spectacles, it was difficult not to like Steve Urkel. And when he’d say his trademark line “Did I do that?”, we still burst out with laughter and get warm and fuzzy all at the same time.

A Different World (Sundays at 17:35 on SONY)
A Different World is a classic! How could we not get (just a little) obsessed with this group of students, as they embarked on a new journey at Hillman College? Not only could we continue to watch Lisa Bonet as Denise Huxtable, but it was also our first introduction to actors and actresses we'd fall in love with in later years, like Sinbad, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Halle Berry, Alfonso Ribeiro and Blair Underwood.

Stay connected to DStv and enjoy these throwback shows.