Artwork for The Fan on Telemundo

After a string of drama-filled telenovelas that have kept audiences on the edge of their seats, Telemundo is changing gears with a brand-new comedy series about a famous telenovela actor and his number one fan. The Fan premieres exclusively on Telemundo on Monday, 13 November 2017 at 20:00.

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Valentina ‘Vale’ Perez (played by Angélica Vale), a quirky telenovela fan, has always dreamt of crossing paths with her favourite telenovela star, Lucas Duarte (played by Juan Pablo Espinosa), but she never imagined it would really happen. While handing out flyers on the street, dressed up in a giant pizza costume, Vale attempts to save the life of her beloved actor in what appears to be a car accident. Little did she know that Lucas was on set, filming his latest telenovela!

This first eventful encounter between Vale and Lucas definitely won’t be the last, but will their chance meetings lead to something bigger? Lucas already has an on and off-screen girlfriend, Salma Beltran (played by Scarlet Ortiz). In front of the camera she is loving and kind, but in real life she is selfish and manipulative, doing whatever it takes to keep Lucas apart from Valentina.

The cast is joined by Gabriel Porras who previously appeared in Under the Same Sky. He plays Lucas’ manager and long-time friend Gabriel Bustamante and despite having Lucas’ best interests at heart, Gabriel would happily push him aside to enjoy his own moment in the spotlight. Jonathan Islas from If Only I Were You is back on Telemundo too, this time playing Diego, a close friend of Vale who finds himself caught up in a love story of his own.

What begins as an unexpected encounter, or rather a mid-air collision, soon turns into a unique love story in this comical telenovela. Find out whether the crazed fan and her overly confident telenovela star live happily ever after, or if it’s not that kind of fairy tale, when The Fan premieres Monday, 13 November 2017 at 20:00 on Telemundo (DStv channel 118).