UEFA Euro 2016

It’s the biggest soccer tournament of the year and SuperSport will deliver it all with live coverage, previews, reviews, analysis, magazine shows, highlights and features from the heart of France.

Apart from high-definition match broadcasts, which will include one-hour build-ups with augmented reality, SuperSport will have three news crews in France to ensure that every angle is covered. Match commentary will be available in Portuguese.

All 51 games will be available to DStv Premium and Compact Plus on SS3 and SS4. Compact subscribers will be able to catch them on SS11 and SS12. There is more! 12 FTA games, including two semifinals, a quarterfinal and the final match will also be available to DStv Family and Access. Customers will  also have access to 12 matches of the Euro on SS Select 1 including the opening match of the tournament between the host country France and Romania on 10 June at 8:00pm CAT. Other matches available in the first round that will air live on SS Select 1 include; England v Russia, Belgium v Italy, Germany v Poland, Portugal v Austria and Croatia v Spain. In the sixteenth round and quarter final stage, SS Select 1 will air two live matches respectively along with one live semi-final match and the biggest match of the tournament, the final game. 

Coverage starts with renowned French DJ David Guetta hosting a pre-tournament concert in Paris – live on SS3 from 20:50 on Thursday 9 June – and concludes with the final on Sunday 10 July.

SuperSport’s Euro 2016 package will be supplemented by four Euro-themed programmes: Insight with John Dykes, Master Plan; A la Carte and French Connection.

Insight with John Dykes will be broadcast weekly from France (Sundays at 10:00) where the popular analyst will secure top talent for interviews.

French Connection (Saturdays at 10:00) will be hosted by Julia Stuart and will take in the sights and sounds in and around the tournament.

A la Carte (Saturdays and Sundays at 09:00) will be a hip and happening lifestyle programme fronted by an array of local pop culture figures. They’ll be giving their unique spin to the goals, action and results from the European soccer showpiece.

Master Plan (Sundays at 13:00) is unashamedly aimed at the purists with top coaches and former players deconstructing the action from an analytical point of view.

Every possible viewing platform will be accommodated, including live streaming (via the SuperSport website and the SuperSport and DStv Now apps), social and the DStv Catch Up service.

There will be also live updates on SuperSport.
Here's the list of Euro 2016 fixtures - all times CAT

Friday 10 June
France v Romania at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Saturday 11 June
Albania v Switzerland at 15:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Wales v Slovakia at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
England v Russia at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Sunday 12 June
Turkey v Croatia at 15:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Poland v Northern Ireland at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Germany v Ukraine at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Monday 13 June
Spain v Czech Republic at 15:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Republic of Ireland v Sweden at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Belgium v Italy at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Tuesday 14 June
Austria v Hungary at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Portugal v Iceland at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Wednesday 15 June
Russia v Slovakia at 15:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Romania v Switzerland at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
France v Albania at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Thursday 16 June
England v Wales at 15:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Ukraine v Northern Ireland at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Germany v Poland at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Friday 17 June
Italy v Sweden at 15:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Czech Republic v Croatia at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Spain v Turkey at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Saturday 18 June
Belgium v Republic of Ireland at 15:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Iceland v Hungary at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Portugal v Austria at 21:00(SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Sunday 19 June
Switzerland v France at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Romania v Albania at 21:00 (SS4/SS4A/SS12A/SS12N/Max360)

Monday 20 June
Slovakia v England at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Russia v Wales at 21:00 (SS4/SS4A/SS12A/SS12N/Max360)

Tuesday 21 June
Ukraine v Poland at 18:00 (SS4/SS4A/SS12A/SS12N/Max360)
Northern Ireland v Germany at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Croatia v Spain at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Czech Republic v Turkey at 21:00 (SS4/SS4A/SS12A/SS12N/Max360)

Wednesday 22 June
Hungary v Portugal at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
Iceland v Austria at 18:00 (SS4/SS4A/SS12A/SS12N/Max360)
Italy v Republic of Ireland at 21:00 (SS4/SS4A/SS12A/SS12N/Max360)
Sweden v Belgium at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Saturday 25 June
A2 v C2 at 15:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
B1 v A3/C3/D3 at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
D1 v B3/E3/F3 at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Sunday 26 June
A1 v C3/D3/E3 at 15:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
C1 v A3/B3/F3 at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
F1 v E2 at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Monday 27 June
E1 v D2 at 18:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)
B2 v F2 at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Thursday 30 June
Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2 at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Friday 1 July
Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4 at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Saturday 2 July
Winner Match 5 v Winner Match 6 at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Sunday 3 July
Winner Match 7 v Winner Match 8 at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Wednesday 6 July
Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 2 at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Thursday 7 July
Winner QF 3 v Winner QF 4 at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)

Sunday 10 July
Winner SF 1 v Winner SF 2 at 21:00 (SS3/SS3A/SS3N/SS11A/SS11N/Max1/Max3)