One of the continent’s leading sport websites,, has taken a bold step into the future with a sleek re-design that reflects SuperSport’s embrace of trends in technology.

Among the major changes is a seamless experience between platforms, chiefly mobile and desktop, where the user experience will now be similar. There is also a significant shift towards video, where user numbers have exploded in recent years.

“We’ve worked hard on making the site more visually appealing, but also more user-friendly,” said Johan Huyser, product development manager at “Video is far more prominent now, in line with user trends.”

All the big news, previews and reviews will continue to feature strongly, and now SuperSport will also give prominence to the big events of the day or major breaking news with its new billboard feature, driven by the site’s crack editorial teams.

The re-shaping of the site has been 10 months in the making and was informed by the requirements of sport fans who want information and video presented in an easy, elegant style. Video links are played out via DStv Now, the online version of DStv that includes live streaming of TV channels.

Among other changes to the website is an intuitive TV guide, that has an easy search facility and allows users to filter their searches, ensuring an optimal experience.

Gideon Khobane, chief executive of SuperSport said: “The website has consistently attracted millions of visitors across the continent. The intention of the new site is that it will resonate with sport fans, who thirst for video, news and information. Our team has worked hard on the project and our hope is that visitors to the site will welcome the many changes, all of which were designed to enhance the user experience.”