Sofia from Sofia the First on Disney Junior.

Disney continues to teach us all the valuable lessons of life to get us through the days - whether we're young or old. Here are some key lessons to never forget from Sofia the First.

Disney princesses teach all of us young and old the important lessons in life and Sofia the First is no exception. From a little girl with a big heart, Sofia’s teaching girls and boys the best lesson of them all how to be yourself.

Here are a few key lessons Sofia has helped us learn:

Always be kind

Think of Sofia and the first thought is about how kind she is. Similar to Disney’s iconic first princess, Snow White we see Sofia always looking for the good in others and thinking about their needs first – sometimes over and above her own.

Be confident in yourself

Sofia is just like any other kid who can sometimes second guess themselves but at the end of the day she understands the importance of believing in yourself to get something done. You can’t expect to give off your best if you don’t believe in your own worth.

Lesson in loyalty

What we love about Sofia is how she stays true to who she is and where she comes from depicting the importance of loyalty. She may be a girl from the village doing alright in newfound royalty, but she doesn’t forget those who were around her when she was a normal girl.

Never stop learning

Whether it’s life lessons or magic lessons, Sofia shows us the pure innocence of wanting to always know more. It’s never a bad thing to keep questioning and keeping your curiosity as you grow older.

In the words of Sofia, never stop giving your all! Catch season 3 of Sofia the First at 09:00 on Sunday 1 October on Disney Junior (DStv Channel 309). Don’t forget to check out the special The Mystic Isles episode at 08:15 on Saturday 28 October.