TV producer of Grey's Anatomy and The Fixer, Shonda Rhimes

We all have a favourite Shonda Rhimes series and character, and it seems Shonda has her favourite actors and actresses, who enter Shondaland and work on her many productions.

If ever you wondered why Paul Adelstein looks so familiar, it’s because he made his first Shonda appearance in Private Practice.


As Dr Cooper Freedman, Paul was also a guest star in a cross over episode with Grey’s Anatomy, before flirting with Abby on The Fixer, where he plays the role of Leo Bergen.

We first saw him in the role when he was consulting the Vice President Sally Langston on her campaign to run for US President.

Remember way, way back in the first season of The Fixer – when Olive Pope and Associates were dealing with the Amanda Tanner case, who claimed she was pregnant with the US president’s child?



Well, Amanda Tanner was played by Liza Weil. Not only did she feature in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but now, you can see her every Monday at 20:00 on Vuzu AMP, where she plays Bonnie in How To Get Away With Murder.

We came to know our favourite Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene on The Fixer, played by Jeff Perry, when he was cast in Grey’s Anatomy. He was Thatcher Grey, also known as Meredith’s father.


In The Fixer Cyrus is a strong character, but on Grey’s Anatomy, Thatcher was plagued by his drinking problem and didn’t have a good relationship with Meredith.

The two bonded briefly, mostly for her sister Lexi’s sake. Meredith became a donor when Thatcher needed a new liver.

Joining Cyrus in the corridors of the White House was Vice President Sally Langton – who you may remember as Meredith’s mother, Ellis Grey on Grey’s Anatomy, in the flashback episodes.


There are quite a few similarities between these two characters – they are both strong independent women, who knows exactly what they want. But whereas Ellis was the one who cheated on her husband, Sally was a conservative women who didn’t tolerate infidelity, something her husband found out the hard way.

We cried when Scott Foley’s character died on Grey’s Anatomy. Remember he was Teddy’s husband Henry, who always had tumours growing in his body.


We loved Henry! He was such a darling – very supportive and loving and he had a great sense of humour. His time on Grey’s Anatomy came to an end during an operation by Teddy’s mentee, Dr Christina Yang.

Luckily, Shonda made room for Scott on The Fixer, and now we get to see him as Jake, in one of the most complex love triangles.

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