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Catch Separated at Birth on TLC Entertainment (135).

Ever wondered what you would do if you found out that the people you have been calling your parents are not really your parents? Catch Separated at Birth on TLC Entertainment (135), which follows the very real and very raw journeys of people who aim to reunite with their blood relatives - many of whom they never knew existed. This intriguing series will reveal unprecedented access to personal and heart-warming stories, from serendipitous reunions to yearlong searches for loved ones.

Among the stories featured in Separated at Birth is that of Carrie from South Africa who reunites with her long-lost biological father, which in turn brings another relative back into her family picture.

We also meet Sophie. When her daughter was 10, Sophie did a DNA test to prove to her partner that he was the father. The results were startling – not only was he not the father - she wasn't the mother either. Sophie's baby had been switched at birth.

Then, follow Robbie who is preparing for his winter wedding to his long-term boyfriend. Robbie is desperate to find his big sister but is worried she won't want to know him. We also meet Frank and Lupe who only discovered they were siblings in their 50s. Eight months later, Lupe donated one of her kidneys to save Frank's life. Later, we meet twin sisters Emelie and Lin who were reunited on Facebook and are now searching for their missing older brother, Heru, who they believe is living in the Netherlands.

As these compelling stories of being adopted, abandoned, kidnapped or switched at birth unfold, the emotions and anticipation builds with each revelatory twist. With a unique mix of observational documentary and user-generated footage Seperated at Birth helps viewers unveil these personal and heart-warming journeys in real-time.

While many of the circumstances surrounding these stories are unimaginable to most, in this six part series Separated at Birth proves that strength and determination can result in truly life-changing moments.

Don’t miss this captivating series premiering on Tuesday 25 October at 20:00 only on TLC Entertainment (135).

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