True Conviction explores crimes where seeking out the truth is a little trickier than expected.

Watch True Conviction from Monday 12 March at 22:00 on Investigation Discovery and streaming on DStv Now

It’s not simply enough for the cops to catch a killer – justice can only be served with a conviction in court. Getting to that point requires close cooperation between detectives and prosecutors.

This documentary series takes viewers inside the investigation process in the fight for justice for victims and their loved ones. In coming episodes, detectives discuss the tangled web of leads and lies in the case of Donna Decker, shot dead in her home as her husband and young son lay bound in their home.

Dectectives describe the painstaking work to piece together the final hours of Cindy Monkman Apelt, found murdered in the Arizona desert. Hosted by US prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi, this programme revisits shocking crimes and reveals how police solved the case and got their conviction.

Watch True Conviction from Monday 12 March a 22:00 on Investigation Discovery and streaming on DStv Now

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