American Chopper

The father and son custom motorcycle builders Paul Sr. and his son Paul Jr. are back, except running different shops.

Ten years after the demise of their rocky partnership, the duo have decided to forge ahead with their own shops and separate lives, as they will attempt to put their tumultuous past behind them, they are finally ready to rebuild their relationship.

As their respective shops change into a new gear, Paul Sr. may have been a little overambitious when he agrees to an impossibly tight deadline for a high-end international client.

Meanwhile, Paul Jr. begins work on a bike build for one of the biggest promoters in the motorcycle industry. And, when a motorcycle, the Teutuls, built together years ago resurfaces in salvage condition, could it be the olive branch Paul Jr. is looking for to reach out to his father?

Find out on the new season of American Chopper on Discovery Channel (DStv channel 121) from Friday, 20 July at 20:00.