Artwork for the Lifetime series Preach.

Preach is a bold and brand new five-part series from Lifetime that follows five female preachers and their mentees as they navigate the male-dominated church world and carve out a place for future female preachers to command pulpits nationwide.

Known as “Prophetesses”, these women speak as the interpreter through whom the will of God is expressed. In order for their legacy to continue, they must enlist a “protégé” and teach them how to carry on their gift.

These "Queens of the Church" each have different styles and their own special way of delivering God’s message, but all are united in their love of the Lord. These are not women who are married to men of God, these women are the true leaders of their ministries. They are strong and unexpected characters with large followings and even larger personalities.

Preach starts on Lifetime (131) on Wednesday 2 December at 20:45 and runs for five weeks.

In the first episode, the protégés are put to the test at a wild church service.

Other episodes that you can look forward to include: Prophetess Taketa challenges Rebecca to demonstrate her prophetic skills with dance; Linda challenges Angel to make peace with her estranged son; and Rebecca gets help from Taketa to decipher a strange vision about a close friend.