On Monday 1 May at 18:00 on Telemundo, there's a new telenovela premiering, promising lots of drama and romance.

We know that when Iron Rose premieres, Altagracia Sandoval will be on a mission to find the men who hurt her. 

In every telenovela, there’s always a few things that can happen that make the series a success. 

Here’s our list of what we think the key ingredients are to any telenovela.

1.    A love triangle. Any telenovela, whether drama or romance, needs a great love story! Triangles are so hard to straighten.

2.   Skeletons in the closet. Although the bad guys always have a secret they’d like to keep hidden, a telenovela is always more exciting, when the one character everyone loves, the one of pure heart, is hiding a secret so dark, it could change everyone’s lives.

3.    Family business. There must be a business, which is at the centre point of the family. A business so important, that almost all family decisions are based on the possible impact on the company.

4.    A visitor from the past. Even years after losing a loved one to death, when they reappear, either as themselves or the crazy twin-sibling no one knew existed, a visitor from the past brings mystery, suspense and so many questions that need to be answered.

5.    A revenge plot. In all great telenovelas, there is a character who is constantly plotting to get their own back from someone who wronged them in the past. However, the big plan unfolds, there is sure to be lots of action and drama.

Don’t forget to tune in to Telemundo for the new telenovela Iron Rose, weekdays at 18:00, and see if any of these ingredients feature.