Busby Quints

There’s nothing better than the joy of having a mini you running around the house, but what do you do with five?

The Busbys are not like any ordinary family, they are a family with quints, that are growing faster, smarter, and louder, every day and they are taking charge of the household.

Now becoming more fluent talkers, they sure can speak their mind and make their little voices heard.

The Busby babies have now become five little girls with strong and diverse personalities. And if these pint-sized princesses don't like something? They're sure to make it known that they’re unhappy. Now sleeping in big girls beds, using the bathroom for potty training, and attending pre-school, they feel the separation looming between them.

Parents, Danielle and Adam, work hard to manage the moods, mayhem, magic and five times the mess which is life in the Busby house! But what is keeping them all together is those little family moments of non-stop chaos and laughter, coupled with six times the noise, the love, trials and tears that never cease to amaze them.   

Don’t miss out on the madness on Outdaughtered: Busby Quints from Wednesday, 19 September at 20:00 on TLC (DStv channel 135).