Rainbow Johnson with the kids

Mother’s Day is coming up (on Sunday 14 May to be exact) and while it is important to celebrate our moms and show them love all year round, this special day is a chance to go all out.

Every mom is unique in her own way: some are the queens of the after-school carpool, some have years of sage (though sometimes unsolicited) advice to give, and some love their children within an inch of their lives. But deep down, they all only want the absolute best for their families.

So, what kind of mom do you have?

The Tough CookieFresh Off the Boat

Jessice Huang (Constance Wu) is the no-nonsense mom. Her children might sometimes think she is too strict, but Jessica knows that one day they will appreciate all her tough lessons. Catch up with the Huang family every Thursday at 19:20 on FOX (125).

The Cool MomBlack-ish

Rainbow Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross) is the cool mom. She is always trying her best to make sure she relates to her kids, giving them advice and helping them to be the best version of themselves. See Rainbow guide her clan through childhood on Black-ish, Thursdays at 19:30 on Vuzu AMP (103).

The Momager Bringing Up Ballers

Mothers know exactly how to nurture their children's talents, and bring them up to be number one in whatever they do. On Bringing Up Ballers, moms whose children are talented basketball players channel their energy into training and motivating their young ballers to be the best in the game. See how Peytyn, Nikki, Tiffany and Heather manage their families, their businesses, and most importantly their children's careers on Bringing Up Ballers, Mondays at 20:50 on Lifetime (131).

The Kitchen QueenTia Mowry at Home

Some moms just know exactly how to whip up a dish that is delicious, nutritious and also has that taste of home. Tia Mowry is one such mom, and she enjoys sharing her recipes on Tia Mowry at Home. Tune in for double episodes of recipe inspiration on the Food Network (175), Thursdays from 20:00.

The Best Mom She Can BeMother’s Day

Mothers do their best to be good parents to their children, but they do need help from time to time. In Mother’s Day, Miranda (Julia Roberts) and Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) help each other to overcome a few of the obstacles of motherhood. Watch this heartwarming film this Sunday, 14 May at 20:05 on M-Net (101).

Celebrate Mother’s Day with content for and about moms on DStv this May.