Artwork for Eco Fashion S4 on Fashion One

Eco Fashion’s all new season gives us more eco styles that’ll have you wanting to go green.

Want to go eco? Fashion One – the leading New York-based international fashion, entertainment and lifestyle network – has got you covered with all the top eco brands from around the world.

Revolutionising the fashion industry by creating eco conscious products, one brand at a time. From making stylish bags out of recycled plastic, to using surplus cloth to create awesome streetwear, going green never looked so good.

Fashion One is coming back with an all-star group of eco designers taking steps to change what it means to wear clothes. From People Tree in London to Sealand Gear in Cape Town, eco designs are making an impact on the fashion world in a positive way.

Conscientious about the impact the fashion industry has on the earth, these brands and designers are making it their mission to make sustainability chic and necessary.

This is what you can look forward to in the fourth season of Eco Fashion, premiering on Monday 5 September at 20:00 on Fashion One.

Episode 1: From London to Barcelona, eco designers everywhere are coming up with sustainable and trendy designs that are changing the landscape of fashion. Ecoology brings viewers clothing made from natural, organic material and People Tree creates pieces by partnering with artisans and farmers.

Episode 2: Sustainable fashion isn’t limited to just clothes. Beyond Skin created dynamica, a suede-like material made from recycled PET plastics that is currently being used by Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz as luxury car interiors. Jetting off to exotic Morocco, Vagamonde creates handcrafted pieces from repurposed fabric.

Episode 3: Conscious fashion with a heart, Aiby Craft partners with at risk women as well as the Red Cross and makes 100% of its products in Spain. Moving on to Berlin, Cruba  uses locally sourced materials and fabrics from Europe, creating a community feeling with each piece.

Episode 4: From the quiet Dorset countryside to features in fashion bibles like Vogue, Minna is a success story in her own right, making sustainable wear chic and luxurious. Hand bags made from biodegradable material? Look no further than reWrap, an Amsterdam-based brand currently working on bringing nature to your fingertips.

Episode 5: Kimono shoes? Eco brand Hetty Rose repurposes old kimono material and creates the most breathtaking heels. While in Barcelona, Silent People reclaims vintage items to make gorgeous handbags and totes.

Episode 6: Multitalented and artistic Luis Valenzuela in Miami not only makes extraordinary art installations, but also creates couture fashion from recycled material. And going to the land down under, Rant Clothing in Brisbane uses local manufacturers to sell their clothing worldwide. 

Episode 7: In Los Angeles, Vine Street is making eco totes and bags with repurposed fabrics. Heading to Barcelona, Woody’s is creating high quality glasses, all made from 100% natural and sustainable wood.

Episode 8: Beautiful Cape Town brings us Sealand Gear, where they are creating durable eco products from a wide range of recycled material. Heading back to Los Angeles on for our final stop, Larkspul LA is committed to making the most comfortable and eco friendly undergarments and clothes that feel great on your body and are good for the environment.

Enjoy a brand new season of Eco Fashion, every Monday from 5 September at 20:00 on Fashion One.