Artwork for My 600lb life on TLC

Taking a walk on the side of the road, breathing and fitting into your clothes is extremely difficult when you are over-weight.

My 600lb Life follows the true story of the lives of obese people and their daily struggles, coupled with the emotional stress of family members. These courageous people, each weighing over 600 pounds, embark on an incredible weight-loss journey in an effort to change their lives forever and ease the worries of their loved ones.


In each episode we follow the heart-warming stories of different individuals as they commence the dangerous gastric bypass surgery in the hopes of losing hundreds of pounds. We follow Rena and Lee who, after meeting at a bariatric rehab centre, are desperate to save both their relationship and lives. We then meet Janine whose extreme obesity has left her nearly physically impaired, and she now needs to overcome both physical and emotional pain to be able to lead a normal life. With determination, courage and faith will she be able to make the life changing decision, and make it through the first stages of her weight-loss journey?

Catch their weight loss journeys on My 600lb Life on TLC (DStv channel 135) from Friday, 13 April at 20:00.