The Fan

On DStv, viewers are spoilt for choice with a great selection of telenovelas from around the world.

Viewers can tune in to Telemundo (DStv channel 118), FOX Life (DStv channel 126), EVA (DStv channel 141), Eva Plus (DStv channel 142) and Zee World (DStv channel 166) for romance and drama, intrigue and back-stabbing, and all of the big reveals in the biggest plot twists on TV.

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With new telenovelas always being added to the schedule, here’s our guide to some of the hottest telenovelas on TV, that we don’t want you missing out on.

Taxxi (weekdays at 16:00 on EVA)
Tune in for this Argentian soapie, where Martin comes face-to-face, and becomes a little bit obsessive, with Tania - a mysterious woman who is the spitting image of his dead wife. Unbeknownst to Martin, Tania has entered his life because of Mr. Moretti, his rival who has plotted the perfect revenge against Martin.

Timeless Love (weekdays at 17:10 on Eva+)
High school sweethearts Paula and Alejandro cross paths years after going their separate ways, when their children start university and fall in love. With their new families, relationship struggles, love and ambition, Paula and Alejandro seem to face old problems again.

My Lost Home (weekdays at 18:00 on Zee World)
Follow the family drama of the Malhorta siblings, Raji, Soni, Mahi and Prince. The family is struck by tragedy after an explosion at the family home, and together the sisters each face trials and tribulations in life and love.

The Fan (weekdays at 20:00 on Telemundo)
We can call Vale a superfan! She's obsessed with a famous actor, Lucas Duarte. Not knowing things were a set-up and part of the telenovela, Vale meets Lucas, after saving his life. The two become friends, with Vale even working for Lucas. But with secrets from the past, can they get over this bump and be more than just a fan and a popular actor, or will they fall in love and live happily ever after?

Prisoners Of Love (weeknights at 21:00 on Telemundo)
Yolanda becomes the bait, when a detective uses her and gets her released from prison, in an attempt to capture Mexico's biggest drug trafficker, El Centauro, who just so happens to be Yolanda's boyfriend.

You Are Mine (weeknights at 22:12 on FOX Life)
This Turkish telenovela sees the wealthy son Ejder - of a prominent family, meet Nagme. With them locking eyes and that instant attraction, all of their plans for the future don't get a second thought, as they decide to spend their lives together. Much to the annoyance of his family, who will do anything and everything to break them up.

Stay connected to DStv and enjoy these telenovelas and more great programming, filled with drama, love and intrigue.