Muhammad Ali

The Muhammad Ali pop-up channel (199) will broadcast Ali’s funeral live on Friday 10 June at 20:00.

The three-time heavyweight champion, who died last week, will be laid to rest at Cavehill Cemetery in Louisville, following a Muslim prayer service that was held on Thursday.

All DStv viewers will be able to join the world as we bid farewell to the boxing legend with a live broadcast of the funeral that will show actor Will Smith, who played Ali in the film of the same name, and former boxing champion Lennox Lewis will be the pallbearers, while former US President Bill Clinton will deliver one of the eulogies. Other speakers will include actor Billy Crystal and representatives of multiple faiths, including Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Mormonism.

Tens of thousands of Ali fans are expected to line the streets for the procession, while free tickets for the 18 000-strong memorial service were quickly snapped up. Ali himself demanded that fans – not just VIPs – be part of any send-off dedicated to him.

The Muhammad Ali pop-up channel will continue throughout the weekend to showcase Ali’s greatest moments in boxing and interviews.