Artwork of the movie The Fault In Our Stars, with Gus and Hazel in the Netherlands

Every one of us has those movies they watch over and over again, because they're simply the best. We recommend these movies to family, friends and colleagues, we know the script off by heart and even when the drama happens, it’s always like we’re seeing it all for the first time.

From Monday, 30 October, M-Net is bringing DStv customers the M-Net Movies Bucket-List pop-up channel, for just over a month. We are so excited that we’ve decided to set our PVR and plan on watching these classics on DStv Now, anytime, anywhere.

This pop-up movie channel made us think of some of our favourite movies, where the characters have bucket lists of their, things they’d like to do before the end credits roll.

A Walk To Remember
Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, A Walk To Remember brought so many tears to our eyes as Jamie was battling cancer. When she meets Landon, one of the kids at her school, the two butt heads at first, before falling in love, madly and deeply.

Meeting Jamie changed who Landon was, and soon he gave up his bad boy routine. As he was falling inlove with Jaime, and finding out that she was dying, he made it his mission in life to make her dreams come true. This included getting a tattoo and even driving all night to the state border, just so she could be in two places at the same time.

The Big Year
An all-star cast stars in this delightful movie, as three men, are on the hunt for the Birdie of the Year title.

The bird enthusiasts go on an unbelievable adventure, as they need to spot as many different kinds of birds in one year, to get the title. But of course, things don’t always happen as planned, especially when life gets in the way.

The Fault In Our Stars
A heart-breaking story that will have everyone reach for the tissues. Two cancer-stricken teens bond in group therapy over their love of reading. Gus becomes obsessed with Hazel’s book An Imperial Affliction, and the author who wrote a book, and stopped it mid-sentence.

With his Reach for a Dream wish, Gus makes Hazel’s dream come true, by travelling to the Netherlands, to meet the author and ask him a few questions. Although the visit with the author was a big disappointment, the couple enjoy the sights and sounds of a city as they fall in love, before tragedy strikes.

The Bucket List
Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman’ characters don’t allow their illness to deter them from living their best lives.

As Edward and Carter, they become friends during their hospital stay, where they’re getting treatment for their terminal illness. And when they realise that their time is almost up, they hop in a car, and go on an incredible road trip, doing things they’ve always wanted to do.

For the next month, you can enjoy the M-Net Movies Bucket List pop-up channel. Be sure to download our DStv Now app, to watch DStv on the go, anytime anywhere.