Members of a rap group pose for a photo on the MAMA 2015 red carpet.

The MTV Africa Music Awards, T-Rex Autopsy on National Geographic and Tujuane Plus are on this week's list of top videos.

This week, our must watch videos include a look at what went down at the MAMA 2015 Durban annoucement and dating tips from Tujuane Plus.

Stars hyped for MAMA 2015

We are just a week away from finding out who will be in the running for honours at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2015. MAMA 2015 nominees will be announced on Thursday, 11 June in Johannesburg and we already have our predictions but we will keep it close to the chest for now. MTV Africa announced that the MAMA 2015 will once again be hosted in Durban for the second year in a row.

Here's what went down at the annoucement party: 

Stay with us to find out who will be in the running for honours at the MTV Africa Music Awards to be held on Saturday, 18 July 2015 in Durban.

Tujuane Plus heats up

So you're going on a blind date and are wondering how to conduct yourself throughout the whole experience? Find out on Tujuane Plus, a dating reality show with a twist.

T-Rex Autopsy on National Geographic
At 13m long, nearly 2m wide and lying lifeless in a specially constructed biology lab, the world’s first full-size, anatomically complete recreation of a Tyrannosaurus rex awaits dissection. In National Geographic channel’s two-hour special, T. Rex Autopsy, four intrepid scientists get to the heart (literally) of what made this fearsome creature tick.

Watch the incredible remake being dissected with informative running commentary from John Hutchinson on National Geographic on Monday, 8 June at 20:05.