Artwork for Magic of Science on Discovery Family

Want to know how a magician crushes a 10-tonne oil tanker like it's a cooldrink can? Or drive a 4x4 vehicle across a swimming pool without sinking? Or make a man levitate six inches off the ground?

Fusing the showmanship and mystery of street magic with the raw power of science, Magic of Science exposes the marvellous mechanics behind these seemingly miraculous feats.

Each episode features rising stars from the world of magic as they wow their unsuspecting public with a variety of amazing tricks, dazzling displays and truly amazing stunts including knocking down a wall with the power of one's voice as well as turning a silver bracelet into gold. Having floored their audience with remarkable spectacles, the cunning magicians then reveal the science behind their incredible illusions.

This series will also test the boundaries of innocence by featuring undercover, hidden camera set pieces where the public have no idea they're standing witness to some incredible magic - all of which is in fact pure science. Uncover the secrets of these confounding performances and examine the extraordinary science that makes the impossible possible.

Don’t miss Magic of Science airing from Friday 24 February at 16:50 on Discovery Family (136).