My Little Life

It’s not easy for little people to make strides in the big world, while making every effort to survive each day with life’s challenges.

My Little Life series looks at the lives of five little people living across the US, balancing their daily lives with family, friends and their jobs. Not setting limits to what they can achieve to reach their dreams, as nothing is out of reach for them.

In this series, we meet 21-year-old Timberlee, a young mom living with her parents in the small town of Arkansas, taking the first big step to change her life, but the change is set to cause tension with people around her. In Utah, 24-year-old Lee gets ready to tell his crush how he feels, and then 33-year-old Diane from California is determined to have a baby, regardless of what her parents say.

Also in Utah, Michelle, a Mormon figure-drawing model, showcases her art talent on display for all to see. And lastly, 24-year-old Vince from Pennsylvania, a bodybuilder and firefighter. Even with his macho lifestyle, his parents are concerned about his love life, as he is too shy to approach women and finally go on a date.

These little people tackle life’s challenges from a different perspective, don’t miss out on My Little Life from Wednesday, 25 July at 21:00 on TLC (DStv channel 135) and be part of their big journeys.