Artwork for the movie Have A Little Faith on True Movies, starring Laurence Fishburne, Martin Landau and Bradley Whitford

Have a Little Faith, a film starring Laurence Fishburne and Martin Landau and based on the book by best-selling author Mitch Albom (Tuesdays with Morrie), will be aired on True Movies (138) on Thursday 10 March at 20:45.

The film follows Albom’s journey to find faith with the help of his childhood rabbi Albert Lewis and Detroit pastor Henry Covington, played by Martin Landau and Laurence Fishburne respectively. The role of Albom is played by Bradley Whitford.

Lewis approaches Albom with an unusual request: “Will you do my eulogy?” Albom’s initial reaction is to turn it down, but he eventually agrees to take on this request and starts to visit the rabbi and talk to him to get an idea of who this man he once revered and feared really is.

Meanwhile, in Detroit, Albom meets Henry Covington, a reformed drug addict and criminal who is now the pastor at I Am My Brother’s Keeper church. Their relationship begins with skepticism on Albom’s part, but grows to be one of mutual respect. Both men teach Albom about faith.

Albom tells of of a lesson he learned while undertaking the task: “One was when we were talking about happiness and he told me the story about babies having their fist clenched when they come into the world because they think they can take everything, but when we die our hands are wide open because when we die you can take nothing with you.”

Says Albom on why Rabbi Lewis picked him to write his eulogy: “I don’t really know. I wondered it from the start, I wonder it still. He once said to me that he thought it would be appropriate for a member of a congregation to speak when a clergyman dies because that was one way to measure their effectiveness [in the community]. If he really devoted his life’s work to a congregation, then having a member of his own family or another cleric talk about him wouldn’t necessarily reflect the work he had done and the lives he touched. So I think a part of him wanted a member of the cheap seats [to deliver his eulogy]. I also have my own suspicions that he sort of knew that by asking me to do it he would draw me back and lure me in, expose me to Judaism and Jewish education, more of what I grew up with, and he did.” 

Have a Little Faith premieres on True Movies on Thursday 10 March at 20:45.