Last Outpost

Clint and Todd are a best friend duo on a mission to turn their passion for creating extreme machines into an Alaskan reality.

Together they will work on their remote outpost, CT Mad Modz, in an attempt to keep the Alaskan tradition of ‘off-gridding’ alive, and help those who live life on the edge of the wilderness.

Using only very few resources available to them, from homemade bullets to traps and snares, they’ll create everything from scratch, as they trade and barter the tools they need for survival. Using an old military aircraft tug, they build an unstoppable monster tow-truck, capable of hauling just about anything through the tough terrain.

From survival pods to monster trucks, can their creations withstand the dangerous Alaskan climate? Find out on Last Outpost on Discovery Channel (DStv channel 121) from Monday, 27 August at 20:00.