Idris Elba gets out of the car.

Fans can follow Idris Elba: No Limits on Discovery Channel as he takes on his biggest challenge yet.

Hollywood superstar Idris Elba has the world at his feet. As an experienced driver he does all his own stunts and is no stranger to high-speed racing; but what many fans don’t know is that Idris has secretly harboured a life-long passion to enter the thrilling world of motorsports.

Now, fans will have an opportunity to follow him in Idris Elba: No Limits as he takes on his biggest challenge yet.

Here is what you can expect:

In this four-part series, he pushes himself to the max to master some of the toughest speed disciplines in the world before taking to both land and air to participate in some of the most fiercely fought competitions in sport.

Idris Elba: No Limits showcases the actor as he immerses himself in aerobatics, rally driving and drag racing, and sets his sights on Malcolm Campbell's 1927 "Flying Mile" record. While attempting to master and compete in a range of disciplines, Idris gets thoroughly acquainted with the engineering, science and history behind each. He'll join professional teams, take on challenges and receive coaching from some of the world’s leading drivers and pilots.

Each episode will see Idris visit and gain inspiration from fellow speed freaks at renowned motor sport competitions in Florida, California, the UK, Ireland and elsewhere. To push his car or plane to the limit, he gets under the bonnet and clocks up plenty of kilometres in preparation for the big race that will see him go head-to-head with the professionals. Along the way he will have to find and modify the right vehicles. And it’s not smooth sailing: he has to contend with a variety of issues including bad weather, claustrophobia, a fear of heights, potholes and multiple technical problems.

For Idris, taking part is not enough, he enters each competition with just one thing in mind: a hunger to win. Armed with no experience but an abundance of courage, grit, and determination, Idris Elba: No Limits captures every high and low as he takes on the biggest challenge of his life. Catch Idris as you’ve never seen him before, starting Friday 9 October at 19:05.

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