In today’s ever-connected world, it’s a nearly impossible task to just "fall off the grid". With social media, and surveillance technology, someone will know your whereabouts at all times; especially now that everything from cash withdrawals and purchases, right through to telephone calls can be monitored.

Ever felt the need to disappear from the world without a trace? Could you just disconnect from reality with no phone; no money, and no contact with family or friends; and even change your habits and appearance to avoid being recognised?

Hunted UK explores the scale of Britain's surveillance state and investigates what it takes to avoid detection. Our every habit and behaviour leaves a data trail of who and where we are, but are there means and ways that allow you to become undetectable?

Don’t let anything stop you from watching this show because from Monday 29 May to Friday 23 June, Discovery Channel will be accessible to customers in the DStv Compact and DStv Extra packs. So, join Discovery Channel (121) to find out what it takes to vanish without a trace on Hunted UK from Monday 5 June at 20:00.