HISTORY is remembering the events of 11 September 2001 with a new two-hour documentary 9/11: Escape From the Towers premiering Tuesday, 11 September at 20:15 on DStv channel 186.

9/11: Escape From the Towers provides a unique perspective on the tragic events through interwoven stories of survivors from two floors of the World Trade Center, some closest to the impact zone.

With never-before-told stories from occupants of the 81st floor in the North Tower and the 77th floor in the South Tower of the World Trade Center, 9/11: Escape From the Towers provides an unsettling perspective of what it was like to be inside the buildings on that fatal day, as individuals came together as a group to make it to safety.

The World Trade Center towers each consisted of 110 floors and on 9/11 every floor faced a distinctive set of challenges. In this poignant documentary, survivors from one floor in each tower, most speaking publicly for the first time, share how they started the day as colleagues and ended it with their lives forever intertwined. Their experiences are recounted in astounding and visual detail which include two men who volunteered to carry a stranger down 68 perilous flights of stairs; a small group determined to get their pregnant co-worker to safety and others who fought through flames and falling debris just one floor below the impact zone. 

9/11: Escape From the Towers delivers deeply personal recollections of how it truly felt to be inside the Twin Towers on 9/11 and how people came together for the good of others, while also remembering those they lost.

Tune in to HISTORY DStv channel 186 and experience the harrowing account that took place on 11 September  2001. The show will air again on Sunday, 16 September at 20:15.