Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

Brace yourselves, Game of Thrones is coming to M-Net Edge.

Hey ya Thronies: Winter is coming! Game of Thrones S1 – 5 is coming to M-Net Edge with a double bill every weekday from Monday 18 May to Friday 19 June.

Game of Thrones S1 debuts on Monday 18 May from 23:00 on M-Net Edge. It will also be available on Catch Up on DStv Explora.

A little backstory, GoT is a fantasy that centres on the brutal battle for the control of the Iron Throne by the seven kingdom of Westeros. But GoT is more than just a fantasy, it's a mixture of several genres like romance, drama and violence that blend beautifully to create an irresistible plotline.

Here, you shall meet the easily trusting Starks of Winterfell, the proud Lannisters of Casterly Rock and several other noble houses that are involved in this ruthless power play where men trust only in the sharpness of their swords.

If you’ve never watched GoT, this is your chance to jump onto the bandwagon and see for yourself why it has received immense critical acclaim.

But for those who have watched it, it is only fair that we pay homage to this global hit by going back to what lured you into GoT in the first place. 

Tune in to Game of Thrones double bill from Monday 18 May at 23:00 on M-Net Edge, channel 113, also available on DStv Now, which you can download on your phone for iOS and Android.