East Meets West

It's a brand new week, with more great TV entertainment for all our DStv subscribers.

A new soapie has been added to an already exciting Zee World line-up.

Here's what you can look forward to on your favourite soapies on Zee World.

Saloni (weekdays at 18:00)
The family finds it hard to tell Saloni the truth, not knowing how she will react. Saloni goes into a deep shock after everything that has happened. Kalika's words echo in Tara's head making her more insecure and jealous. An unknown woman fetches Kalika's test results before Kshitij could even reach the hospital. Kalika's aunt enters the house and it is revealed she has a hidden agenda as well. 

The Vow (weekdays at 19:00)
It is evident that Surili's plan to create conflict between Vydia and Sagar is not going as planned. Surili and Sindoora's plan to create doubt in Uma's heart is working. Vydia and Sagar are finding it difficult to raise Sameer. Surili hopes that Sagar will make her a priority but will he be able to forget his love for Vydia? Tushar is convinced that Surili is the one to blame for Sameer’s accident. Will he be able to uncover the hidden truth?

Sacred Ties (weekdays at 20:00)
Archana goes to Manav’s work to return the gift Savita had gifted her a while back. Manav discovers that his dad's condition is getting worse. Urmila learns the truth about Ashwin and his evil deeds thanks to Rashmi and Satish. Varsha tells Bhavna that it’s going to take a while for her to forgive and forget all that happened. Shalini follows Manav to the temple all because she has a suspicion. Disaster strikes after Archana gets a phone call from Manav stating that Dayaram has been admitted to a hospital.

The Promise (weekdays at 21:00)
Jai experiences a life-threating heart attack. Finally, Vicky and Ganga resolve their differences. Will Jai survive this episode? Jigyasa proves to have changed and seeing life in a different light. Even though the Walia family has gone through many ups and down, they have managed to end the journey together.  

Eternal Love (weekdays at 13:00)
Heer and Ronak start falling for each other. Sahiba decides to meet Heer’s family with a marriage proposal. Rukmini, on the other hand, opposes it. Destiny keeps bringing Jeet in front of Heer again and again. Both the families fix Ronak and Heer's marriage. Jeet tests Sahiba's love, giving her an ultimatum to choose between him and Ronak.

East Meets West (premieres Thursday, 28 April at 21:00)
Ranbir and his family are happy about Abhay’s return from abroad. As a surprise, Ranbir has arranged a bride for him, little does he know that Abhay has made his own life plans. Abhay announces his relationship with Lisa to the family. Ranbir does not take this well and makes it his mission to remove her from Abhay’s life.